The Weekend Reading List #3

The Weekend Reading List


I’ll be sharing a few articles that I am reading over the week in this series called ‘The Weekend Reading List’. Hope you find it useful.

1. This Brilliant Strategy Used by Warren Buffett Will Help You Prioritize Your Time – Inc (link)

Warren Buffett has proved he knows a thing or two about prioritizing important work. Here’s an article that will help you do the same.

2. A market leader in online matchmaking (link)

A nice article on Murugavel Janakiraman and how he entered into the matchmaking business.

3. Bitcoin, Ignorance, and You (link)

Jason Zweig writes on the importance of ignorance in investing.

4. 17 Things the Most Productive People Do Daily (link)

17 smart habits to adopt that will help you be your most productive self every day. Read on to know more.

5. Never Do That Again (link)

On why you should keep an open mind on every topic.

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