The Weekend Reading List #1

The Weekend Reading List


I’ll be sharing a few articles that I am reading over the week in this series called ‘The Weekend Reading List’. Hope you find it useful.

1. The Full Reset – Morgan Housel (link)

At the end of World War I, the defeated German army was stripped clean. Its entire military was dismantled. But 20 years later, Germany had one of the largest and most sophisticated militaries in the world. Why? Read on to find out why and the implications of this.

2. The Thrill of Losing Money in a New York Restaurant – New Yorker (link)

“If you as a customer generated a hundred-dollar tab, about thirty-seven dollars went to the staff (plus the twenty or so dollars you tipped); twenty-nine dollars went to buying the food and beverages that became your meal; fifteen dollars went to the landlord; six dollars went for supplies (such as new forks) and maintenance (hello, plumber); five dollars went to bank fees, insurance, and workers’ comp; five dollars went to other costs (utilities, permits); and just under three dollars (two dollars and eighty cents, to be exact) was left over for operating income. For the record, that is less than was paid in credit-card fees.” Read the article for an overview of the New York restaurant business.

3. Vantage Point: 8 Points for evaluating a stock – Prof. Sanjay Bakshi (link)

One of the best analyses of a business. Prof. Sanjay Bakshi looks at a business from 8 viewpoints a la the movie Vantage Point. Will not say more. Please read the article, finish it and then read it one more time

4. NBCC: Building India with solid and timely execution of projects – Forbes (link)

An insight into NBCC’s business model.

5. The 400% Man – A Lesson for Aspiring Investors – Base Hit Investing (link)

“How a college dropout at a tiny Utah fund beat Wall Street, and why most managers are scared to copy him.”

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