Future returns from mid-caps will be less than before: Sanjay Bakshi

Prof. Sanjay Bakshi is a well known professor who teaches behavioural finance at MDI Gurugram. You can check his course curriculum and other material at http://www.sanjaybakshi.net/.

In a recent interview to Forbes, Prof. Bakshi says that the return from midcaps is likely to be lesser as compared to the past. Also, I found this important quote in the interview.

I’d like to think of it in the context of ‘staying power’. If you have invested in a business that doesn’t have staying power because it is highly-leveraged or is a high-cost player in a cyclical industry, it may go bankrupt when the cycle turns. And one should also think of the investor’s own staying power: Are you investing your own money or other people’s money? Are you borrowing to invest? Do you really need the money in the near term? People invest money they would need in the next six months into the stock market and that is a huge mistake. That money doesn’t really have staying power.

Read the complete article here – Forbes

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